Sex Crimes

Legal Defense For Sex Crime Charges

When facing serious accusations of sexual assault, rape or other sex crimes, you may be in a pivotal moment of your life. The outcome of your case determines your future. Without strong legal representation, you could suffer potentially avoidable damage to your career, relationships, finances and other opportunities.

At Wicks Law Firm, PLLC, we know how important a sophisticated defense strategy is to your case. We will stand beside you both within and beyond the trial to minimize the possible consequences. Contact our Rochester office for a direct case review with our team.

Sexual Criminal Charges Are High-Stakes Cases

Although the penalties of a conviction depend on the situation, many sex crime convictions involve prison time, a felony record and/or registration as a sex offender. These penalties could impact where you can live and work — and, ultimately, your lifetime freedom. This is why it is crucial to find a qualified lawyer who you can trust with your defense.

Our experienced attorneys have defended clients against serious sex charges, including:

  • Rape and sexual assault, including date rape
  • Sexual abuse of children
  • Statutory rape and soliciting minors for sex
  • Possession, distribution or production of child pornography
  • Prostitution crimes and human trafficking

In your defense case, we may address a range of related factors, such as sexting and social media, filming and photography permission, incapacitation and deception. We are especially sensitive to the complexities of cases involving college students and underage clients. Many sex offenses, such as child pornography charges, are federal crimes. Our attorneys have extensive experience in federal court.

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the evidence to protect you from false allegations or mistaken identity. We may also challenge the validity of the arrest or search warrants to protect your constitutional rights. We strive to minimize any punishment, including fighting for the lowest (least restrictive) sex offender level.

Protect Your Future. We Can Help.

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