Federal Charges

Federal Charges Require Powerful Action. We’re Ready.

Criminal charges of any type can have a major impact on your life. If you are facing federal charges, however, the stakes are high. The outcome of your case could change the course of your future – from where you live and work to what activities you can do. In many cases, a federal conviction leads to prison.

We take federal defenses seriously at Wicks Law Firm, PLLC. Our Rochester-based law firm can protect your constitutional rights no matter what the allegations may be.

Why Federal Criminal Defense Cases Are Unique

Criminal charges at the federal level differ greatly from those at the state level in New York because:

  • The possible penalties are usually more serious: Many federal crimes carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence – and reducing the charges with a plea bargain may not be an option. It is crucial to rely on a lawyer who will truly fight for your freedom.
  • Federal prosecutors have federal resources: Your opponent will likely have ample experience and sophisticated legal tools at their disposal. You need an attorney who can even the odds against you with extensive knowledge and resources of their own.
  • Everything about the process is different from state court: Federal criminal trials and the related procedures follow a special process, and your attorney should be ready to manage your case effectively.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Wicks Law Firm, PLLC understand how to navigate federal criminal defense cases to place you in the strongest position possible. We are ready to pursue every viable option to help you throughout pre-trial motions, trial proceedings, sentencing and post-conviction relief. We have cultivated a network of experts, such as forensic computer specialists, who can help us challenge the case against you.

Dedicated Defense Across The Spectrum Of Federal Crime

We provide thorough defense for a variety of criminal accusations, such as those involving:

  • Federal weapons offenses
  • Drug trafficking or smuggling, including international drug crimes
  • Child pornography and human trafficking
  • Identity theft, credit card theft and forgery
  • Tax fraud, bank fraud, Medicare fraud and other financial crimes
  • Federal violation of probation

If you face federal charges, it is important to learn more about your situation from a tactical legal perspective. We can help you form a comprehensive trial strategy today.

Do Not Face The Legal System Alone.