Legal Advocacy for Students

Legal Advocacy For Students In Rochester Area Schools And Colleges

Title IX Proceedings • Superintendent Hearings • Accommodations

When there is trouble at school or a conflict with the administration, students and parents are at a disadvantage. You may not know your rights. Information is hard to come by. Administrators can be capricious in their actions or hostile to your questions.

Wicks Law Firm, PLLC, stands up for students and families in disciplinary proceedings and other situations where they need a strong advocate to uphold their rights. We represent colleges students, high schoolers and elementary students in Rochester, Monroe County and beyond.

Fiercely Defending The Rights Of Students

Students have specific rights, such as a right to due process and equal access to an education. Our experienced attorneys have a strong record of advocacy in school-related matters:

High school students — When youths are accused of crimes or misconduct, the punishment can be swift and harsh. A principal can suspend a student for up to five (5) days. Suspensions longer than five days — or expulsions from school — require a superintendent’s hearing.

Our attorneys have represented high school, junior high and elementary school students in these disciplinary hearings. In many cases we can negotiate a more favorable outcome, such as a 30-day suspension instead of missing the rest of the school year. We also force the school to provide tutoring and other support for the duration of the suspension.

College students — Our lawyers have become well versed in Title IX disciplinary hearings, representing undergraduates and graduate students facing expulsion or suspension over allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment or other misconduct. We welcome out-of-state parents seeking legal advice and local representation.

We are aware of the profound implications for the time and money invested, and for the student’s future. We ensure that our clients are afforded due process in Title IX hearings, such as the right to view the evidence and cross-examine the accuser. We make every effort to avoid expulsion, mitigate the sanctions or negotiate an exit from the institution under the best possible terms.

As criminal defense attorneys, we also represent college students facing criminal charges, such as drugs, theft, assault, sex crimes or alcohol offenses. A conviction can trigger consequences for enrollment, scholarships or financial aid.

Educational Advocacy And Litigation

Sometimes, the student is not in trouble, but the school is failing to comply with its mandates or act in the child’s best interests. For example, we can intervene if the administration refuses to cooperate with required accommodations, such as Braille notes, specialized transport or classroom aides. We assert the child’s rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other state and federal laws.

Our attorneys provide counsel and representation in a broad range of education matters, including:

  • Student negligence and discipline issues
  • Discrimination or sexual harassment of students
  • Special education and disability compliance
  • Teacher employment and disciplinary issues

Early Intervention Is Key In These Matters

It is easier to challenge a proposed suspension than to reverse one. It is easier to negotiate an accommodation than to enforce a violation. We encourage you to contact Wicks Law Firm, PLLC in the early stages of an investigation or conflict, so that we may hold the school accountable and achieve the best resolution under the circumstances. That said, we can intervene at any stage to provide strong and experienced advocacy.

Do Not Face The Legal System Alone.