Professional Discipline

Legal Counsel For Professional License Issues

Lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, accountants and other licensed professionals invest years of training and significant financial resources into their careers. If a licensed professional faces accusations of professional or ethical misconduct, it can threaten a lifetime of effort.

At Wicks Law Firm, PLLC, in Rochester, we provide knowledgeable and experienced legal guidance for professionals who must defend themselves in a disciplinary hearing or before a license review board. Mr. Wicks recognizes the gravity of these hearings and is completely committed to minimizing the impact on each client’s career.

Representing Professionals In A Variety Of Fields

We represent professionals from a wide range of fields. If you are licensed and subject to oversight by a board of any type, we can assist you. We will work closely with you to review the accusations and develop a legal strategy designed to minimize the impact on your career.

If you are a professional who faces criminal charges, you may also face a disciplinary hearing. It is important to have a complete understanding of how the outcome of a criminal matter can impact a professional disciplinary hearing. For example, resolving a criminal case through a plea agreement may have undesired repercussions from a professional board. We will assess all aspects of the matter to make sure the smartest possible strategies are employed.

Eminently Qualified On Professional Conduct
I have served for 32 years on the Ethics Committee of the Monroe County Bar Association, including three years as chair of that body.I also served for six years on the Grievance Committee of the Fourth Judicial Department, investigating, reviewing and prosecuting professional misconduct complaints against attorneys.This unique background enables me to recognize from the other side the type of trouble you are facing. I know every facet of the process and what to do in professional discipline proceedings to best protect your license and your livelihood.Jeffrey Wicks profile

Prompt Action Is Critical

Responding to accusations of criminal or ethical misconduct promptly is important. As with criminal matters, it is always wise to consult with an experienced attorney before speaking with members of a disciplinary board or licensing body.

Do Not Face The Legal System Alone.